Middle – Row 10 – 7 – Scott


In memory of JOHN SCOTT fisherman who died at Tweedmill October 7th 1894 aged 79 years Also JOHN his son died January 18th 1895 aged 54 years. Also MARGARET McDOUGAL his wife died 3 August 1897 aged 85 years. Also HELEN his daughter wife of GEORGE ROBERTSON who died at Goswick 31 October 1879 aged 27 years. (On the rear) In memory of JAMES McDOUGAL who died 14 February 1817 aged 16 years. Also ISABELLA McDOUGAL who died 22 October 1822 aged 18 years. Also JAMES McDOUGAL their father who died at Ford Westfield 26 December 1836 aged 62 years. Also CATHERINE McDOUGAL their mother died 29 February 1865 aged 86 years.


One of the McDougals is recorded as being born at Eccles and lived at Lennel New Town, occupation House Holder PA Aid. John Scott the son is recorded in the deaths column of the ‘Berwick Advertiser’ on 22 January 1895. He was born in England and lived at the Tweed Mill, occupation Fisherman. His wife Margaret was born at Coldstream.

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