Middle – Row 10 – 6 – Scott/Tindle


Erected by ROBERT SCOTT Lennel Newtown in memory of WILLIAM his son who died Lennel Newtown 29th October 1867 aged 29 years. Also GEORGE his son who died at Lennel Newtown 17th June 1868 aged 24 years. Also MARY his daughter died in infancy. Also the above ROBERT SCOTT who died 25th August 1877 aged 62 years. Also JOHN SCOTT his son who died 11 November 1878 aged 27 years. Also ELIZABETH SCOTT his daughter died 10th August 1879 aged 33 years. Also MARGARET wife of the above WILLIAM SCOTT who died 22nd May 1882 aged 47 years. Also JANE TINDLE his wife who died 3rd December 1905 aged 91 years. Also JANE SCOTT his daughter who died 5th October 1947 aged 91 years.


William Scott was born at Lennel New Town, his occupation a Salmon Fisherman at Tweed Mill and Lennel. George the son is described as a Fish Dealer. His wife was born in England. Daughter-in-law Margaret was a Hall Keeper and lived in the High Street at the Mechanics’ Institution. This was in 1881 but she died a year later and left one son age 15. He is later found living with his Uncle Robert and living at 50 High Street South, "Post Office". His occupation is recorded as a Foreman Shop Man/Grocer. This family was Fishermen at both Lennel Fishery and Tweed Mill Fishery.

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