Middle – cannot locate – 41 – Stewart/Douglas


(Probably near row 5) Erected by ALEXANDER STEWART Mason Lennel Newtown in memory of ROBERT son died 26 April 1848 aged 15 months. Also above ALEXANDER STEWART died at Newcastle upon Tyne 4 February 1869 aged 53 years.
(Probably in the area of the external south wall of the auld kirk). WILLIAM DOUGLAS JP late Bank Agent Coldstream died in London 18 August 1889 aged 68 years. Also WILLIAM 2nd son Solicitor and JP died 5 July 1894 aged 29 years. Also ELIZABETH wife died at Edinburgh 4 March 1896 aged 63 years. Also THOMAS H. DOUGLAS JP died 17 September 1940 aged 77 years. Also ETHEL MAUD DOUGLAS died 17 December 1943 aged 84 years.


William Douglas senior was born in Coldstream with his father being Thomas and his mother Alice. Thomas was a Banker living on the High Street South Side in 1841. Also in the house in 1841 was son Richard and he was described as a Farmer.  In 1871, William senior is recorded as living in the High Street Blue Bell Iron (think it should be Blue Bell Inn); he was described as a Bank Agent Land Ornes.
In 1891, son William was living in 47 British Linen Build, occupation Solicitor DNP. Mother Elizabeth was born in England.
Thomas was also a bank agent. In1901, he was living in the British Linen Bank, 55 High Street and married to Ethel who was born in England. They had three children, William G Douglas born 1896, Thomas B Douglas born 1894 and Arthur R Douglas born 1900.

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