Ladykirk Churchyard Section B row 4 – 4 – McAlister/Pringle/Steel/Carruthers


Erected in memory of GEORGE McALISTER who died Feb 3rd 1822 aged 79 years. Also his wife ELIZABETH PRINGLE died Nov 23rd 1813 aged 67 years.Also DAVID McALISTER rheir son died Jan 30th 1850 aged 74 yers. Also ELIZABETH McALISTER his daughter died Jan 15th 1839 aged 19 years.Also ISABELLA STEELS hiswife who died June 18th 1864 aged 82 years. Also RICHARD McALISTER their son who died August 17th 1879 aged 62 years.

Blessed are the dead which die in the lord.

Also AGNES McALISTER their daughter wife of ROBERT CARRUTHERS who died Dec 14th 1889 aged 67 years. Also the above ROBERT CARRUTHERS who died Sept 17th 1906 aged 88 years.

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