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Erected by NICHOLAS and ELLEN MARSHALL of Cornhill.  In loving remembrance of their children JAMES who died 29th December 1862 aged 6 years, also an infant daughter who died 31st December 1862, MARGARET who died 2nd January 1863, aged 7 years.  ADAM HOWEY MARSHALL who died 11th Feb. 1873 aged 3 years.  ANN ISABELLA who died 12th April 1880 aged 20 years.  ELLEN MARSHALL who died at Spittal, 26th October 1881 aged 17 years.  Also the above NICHOLAS SWAN MARSHALL who died at Norham, 19th Aug. 1891 aged 60 years.  Also the above ELLEN MARSHALL who died at Tweedmouth 9th April 1894 aged 60 years.  Also MARGARET HOWEY, grandmother of the above children who died 13th Aug. 1862 aged 67 years.

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