This business, primarily concerned with animal medicines and feedstuffs, was established in 1830 by George Wilson. It was he who in that year invented and produced the world’s first sheep dip. Wilson’s Sheep Dip was manufactured here and sold nationally. From Coldstream it was transported by horse and cart to the nearby port of Berwick upon Tweed, from where it was distributed to all points south by package steamer. The business was sold around the turn of the 20th Century to W.E. Howden (hence the name above the shop) and it was at about that time that the shop was refitted, using mahogany and brass fittings. Rivalry with a neighbouring butcher resulted in Howden having the six pink granite columns added to the building’s facade. These each cost the princely sum of half a Crown or two shillings and sixpence – 12.5 p in today’s money! Today, the shop is “listed” for its architectural interest – both inside and out – and remains virtually as it was around the turn of the last century. However, Wilson’s sheep dip has fallen foul of E.C. regulations and is no longer manufactured. The shop now specialises in pet foods and is the leading supplier in the Borders.All this makes it the oldest and most historically important business of its kind in the world, so you are welcome to visit and browse at your leisure. You may even experience some good, old-fashioned counter service

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