James IV Sword, Dagger and Ring and ‘Borderers Return’ Project

There has always been doubt that the sword, dagger and ring deposited in the College of Arms in Queen Victoria Street, London, are the real thing. The College admits that they have no real evidence and the Royal Armouries suggest that both the sword and dagger are of a later period and the ring has not been dated. However, there is an opinion that these are the real thing. Lord Joicey has replicas of all three items in Ford Castle and has agreed in principle, and with proper security, that these could be displayed throughout the Borders during the summer of 2013. This has come about through the work of the Flodden 1513 Club in organising, with 8 other Border towns, a border horse relay, named the 'Borderers Return', between 5-8 September 2013. The details of this event are comprehensive and are best displayed in the 'Projects' > 'Historic Documents' part of this website in a minute of 4 March 2013.

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