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First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Simprim – 41 – Middlemist


GEORGE MIDDLEMIST feuar in in Swinton died 22nd May 1800 aged 60 years. Daughter JANET died 6th August 1784 aged 10 years. Son GEORGE died 14th March 1802 aged 10 years. Daughter JANET who died 9th April 1802 aged 14 years. Spouse ELSPETH MIDDLEMIST who died 17th April 1814 aged 65 years.

On rear

WILLIAM MIDDLEMIST died 23rd July 1789 aged 52 years.


Simprim – 42 – Midlemis/Broun

ROBERT MIDLEMIS died 17th May 1758 aged 52 years. Son PATRICK died 4th July 17-- aged 17 years. Spouse JANET BROUN died March 1781 aged 75 years.

Simprim – 43 – Boston

Granite plaque on east gable wall - interior

'And in memory of the Revd THOMAS BOSTON AM born at Duns 17th March 1676 ordained to pastoral charge of Simprim 21st September 1695 Translated  to Ettrick 1st May 1707 died at Ettrick 20th May 1732 aged 56 years

Simprim – 44 – Fairbairn/Downie

WILLIAM FAIRBAIRN died 28th December 1795 aged 50 years. PETER his son died at Berwick 5th November 1807 aged 16 years. Wife ANN DOWNIE died July 1835 aged 80 years. By order of ISABELLA FAIRBAIRN youngest daughter.

Simprim – 45 – Johnston

Erected by THOMAS JOHNSTON in memory of daughter MARGARET (?) died 17th ?? 1800 aged 3 years. Daughter ELIZABETH died 27th May 1800 aged 12 years. Daughter BETTY died 9th February 1804 aged 2 years.

Simprim – 46 – Wait/Dodds/Hislop

In memory of ROBERT WAIT Horndean who died 14th August 1838 aged 60 years. CATHERINE his daughter died 6th July 1833 aged 26 years. JESSIE WAIT his daughter wife of WILLIAM DODDS died 12th October 1849 aged 35 years. MARY HISLOP wife of the above ROBERT WAIT at Horndean died 11th January 1870 aged 86 years. Erected by his son JOHN WAIT 1850 who unfortunately fell while in defence of the Country of his adoption at James Island near Charleston SC America on 16th June 1862 aged 36 years.

On rear

CATHERINE HISLOP died at Horndean 28th September 1859 aged 70 years. Also WILLIAM DODDS husband of JESSIE WAIT died at Swinton 7th March 1880 aged 73 years.

Simprim – 48 – Jeffery

PETER JEFFERY died 20th June 1813 aged 38 years. Also GEORGE his son who died 29th January 1815 aged 2 years.

Simprim – 49 – Jeffrey

ISABEL daughter of ROBERT JEFFREY smith who died 14th December 1792 aged 14 years? Son ROBERT who died 30th September 1793 aged 2 years. Son GEORGE who died 2nd February 1808 aged 31 years. Also HELEN JEFFREY who died 1st June 1815 aged 27 years.

Simprim – 50 – Denham/Jeffery/Davison

Erected by ROBERT DENHAM in memory of his son GEORGE who died at Upsetlington 13th June 1843 aged 19 years. MARGARET JEFFERY his wife died 2nd July 1853 aged 71 years. DAVID their son died at Australia 30th October 1857 aged 36 years. DOROTHY DAVISON wife of ROBERT DENHAM who died at Ladykirk 20th October 1856 aged 27 years.

Simprim – 51 – Chatto/Dods

JAMES CHATTO who died 6th February 1791 aged 52 years. His spouse AGNES DODS died 17th June 1820 aged 71 years. ELSPETH DODS died 24th April 1835 aged 84 years. Son JAMES died 3rd March 185- aged ? years.

Simprim – 52 – Henderson/Thomson

Erected by JOHN HENDERSON in memory of wife JANET who died at Upsetlington 18th November 1859 aged 71 years. JOHN HENDERSON died 24th January 1863 aged 80 years. Daughter JESSIE died 3rd March 1854 aged 30 years. Daughter ALICE (wife of Rev. JOSEPH H. THOMSON) died 1st March 1874 aged 54 years.

Simprim – 53 – Moffatt/Ross

THOMAS MOFFATT died at Lennel Coldstream 26th April 1818 aged 85 years. Wife HELEN ROSS died at Barrowbank Wooler on 13th July 1832 (?) aged 78 years. Daughter MARGARET died at Ladykirk 6th January 1808 (?) aged 4? years. Son ALEXANDER MOFFATT died at Linthaugh Ford 10th March 1845 aged 66 years.

Simprim – 54 – Logan

Erected by WILLIAM LOGAN Upsetlington in memory of his son JAMES who died 5th June 1816 aged 2 years. THOMAS his son died 17th November 1821 aged 2 years. The above WILLIAM LOGAN died at Soutra on his way home from ?? 

Simprim – 55 – Allan/Marshall/Brown

Erected by MARGARET ALLAN in memory of mother BETTY MARSHALL died 28th November 1830 aged 76 years. Father JOHN ALLAN died 12th January 1832 aged 77 years. Grand child MARGARET BROWN died 17th February 1823 aged 6 years. 

Simprim – 56 – Todd

In church but now gone

Rev. GEORGE TODD died 2nd March 1819 in his 71st year and 44th year of Ministry (Fasti says 22nd March).  

Simprim – 57 – Marjoribanks/Robertson

In church but now gone  

JOHN MARJORIBANKS ROBERTSON born 28th June 1835 died 16th October 1850. WILLIAM ROBERTSON born 8th December 1838 died 26th April 1842. THOMAS HAGGERSTON ROBERTSON born 7th November 1843 died 5th May 1861. The beloved sons of DAVID and MARIANNE ROBERTSON of Ladykirk. 

Simprim – 58 – Robertson/Marjoribanks

In church but now gone

The Rt. Hon. DAVID ROBERTSON Baron Marjoribanks of Ladykirk born 2nd April 1787 MP for Berwick 1859-73. Lord Lt. Berwickshire 1860 died 19th June 1873. 

Simprim – 60 – Robertson/Haggerston

In church but now gone

MARGARET daughter of WILLIAM and SARAH ROBERTSON of Ladykirk wife of THOMAS HAGGERSTON afterwards Sir THOMAS HAGGERSTON of Ellingham Co. Northumberland born 25th January 1793 died 20th October 1823. Also her sister HELEN ROBERTSON born 18th January 1794 died 26th January 1794.

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