Lieutenant George Swinton

Lieutenant George Sholto Swinton, 1st Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment. He was killed in action in the Sudan at the Battle of Tofrek on 22nd March 1885 and is buried there. A British force was in the Sudan to counter a Dervish uprising under Osman Digna and comprised the 1st Berkshires, a Battalion of Royal Marines and three Indian Regiments under the command of Sir John McNeill, V.C. On 22nd March the force had reached the small staging post ot Tofrek and were clearing scrub to build a defensive Zariba for the camp when suddenly thousands of Arabs attacked . ( This does not say much for the sentry piquets ). Discipline volley fire was followed by fierce hand to hand fighting followed until the Arab attack was repulsed with heavy losses. British losses were 300 whilst the enemy losses were put about 2,000. As a result of this battle Queen Victoria was pleased to grant the Regiment the ” Royal ” title on 1st October 1885. 

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