Driver William Scott

Private William Scott, 463 Water Tank Coy., Royal Army Service Corps. He was lost at sea on 2nd March 1944, aged 32. He was the son of William and Margaret Whitson Scott and is commemorated on the Brookwood 1939-1945 Memorial, Brookwood, Surrey. He was lost aboard H.M.S. L.S.T.-362 ( Landing Ship Tank ) which was torpedoed and sunk in the Atlantic 370 miles south of Cape Clear by U-744. The vessel was hit amidships and the fore part broke off and sank immediately with no survivors. The rest of the ship stayed afloat for another three hours allowing the survivors to be rescued. Of the 180 passengers and crew 88 were lost. The submarine herself was lost 4 days later when she was depth charged by the destroyer H.M.S. “Icarus” and had to be abandoned by her crew.

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