Flight Lieutenant John Elliot

Flight Lieutenant John Livingston Hopkins Elliot, Royal Canadian Air Force. He was lost on an Air Operation to Germany, aged 26, on the 9th May 1942. He had been born in Manhattan, New York and was the son of Sir Gilbert Elliot of Stobs, Roxburgshire and Dora Elliot of Wolflee, Bonchester Bridge. ( Dora was an American ). John spent his childhood in the U.S. and was then educated at Harrow School and Trinity College, Cambridge, graduating B.A. in 1937. He was commissioned into the R.C.A.F. in May 1941 joining 9 ( R.A.F.) Squadron Bomber command. He was lost near Rostock on an operation to the German port of Warnemunde and is now buried in the Berlin 1939-1945 Cemetery. At the time of his death the Squadron flew the Vickers Wellington medium bomber from R.A.F. Honington in Suffolk.

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