Private George Collier

Private George Collier, Royal Scots. He died on the 27th December 1915 in Longmore Hospital, Edinburgh aged 39. He had been born in Selkirk in 1876 and was the son of Robert and the late Eliza Collier of Cannon Street, Selkirk. He had been employed as a spinner when he enlisted in the Royal Scots as a Regular in 1897 where he served with the 2nd Battalion until 1909. He then left the Army but enlisted again in August 1914. He went to France with the 2nd R.S. and was wounded and evacuated to hospital in Aberdeen. He was then discharged from the Army as unfit for War Service but was later allowed to enlist for Home Service. He again fell ill and was finally discharged in September 1915 dying in December of that year and was buried in Selkirk Cemetery.

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