Lance Corporal Andrew Ferguson

Lance Corporal Andrew Marius Ferguson, 9th ( Service ) Battalion, Black Watch. He was killed in action in France on 25th September 1915 on the first day of the Battle of Loos, aged 19.He was a Native of Denholm and the son of Mrs Ferguson of Douglas Square, Newcastleton. He is buried in Philosophe British Cemetery, Mazinherbe, Loos, France.  He fell in the capture of the village of Loos and parts of Hill 70 where the Battalion’s charge was unstoppable but at a dreadful cost. 940 men attacked the strong German positions  and suffered 701 casualties of all Ranks of which 10 Officers and 360 Other Ranks were killed. He had lived in Denholm for 5 years with his uncle Mr Alex Carruthers who was a  baker. Prior to enlisting he had been an apprentice with Mr Furness, joiner, and had been a keen member of Denholm Boy Scouts and the miniature rifle club. The first picture shows Scots troop marching up to the line at Loos and the second shows an actual assault with the troops advancing through a ghostly cloud of gas and smoke. This was the first time the British Army had used gas during the War. The third photo shows the village of Loos after its capture and the fourth shows Hill 70.

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