Corporal John Hanvey

Corporal John Hanvey, 8th ( Service ) Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers. He was killed in action at Suvla Bay on Gallipoli on 12th October 1915, aged 36 and is commemorated on the Helles Memorial, Helles, Gallipoli, Turkey.  He was the son of Mrs Hanvey of Peckham House, London and the husband of Elizabeth Hanvey of 2 Garden Terrace, Craster, Alnwick. He had been born in Bow, London and had enlisted in Kelso. ( Soldiers Died spells his name “Hanley”). He had been employed as a gamekeeper by Sir William Hay at Nether Chatto, Hownam, Kelso. The landings at Suvla Bay were a final attempt to break the deadlock on the Peninsula by a landing in the North to attack the Turkish positions from the rear.  The attempt was badly led and failed with heavy casualties. The photographs show the troops at Suvla.

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