Third Radio Officer Ian Lyle

Third Radio Officer Ian Lyle, Merchant Navy. He was lost at sea aboard the S.S. “Umona” on 30th March 1941, aged 20 and is commemorated on the Tower Hill Memorial, London.  He was the son of Thomas and Isabella of Broadloan, Kelso and of Greenlaw, Berwickshire.  Before joining the Merchant Marine he had been employed as an electrician in Kelso. S.S. “Umona” was a Bullard, King & Co. Ltd. Natal Line steamer built in 1910 of 3767 tons. On 30th March 1941 she was on route from Durban and Walvis Bay for Freetown and London carrying a mixed cargo mostly of maize when she was torpedoed by U-124 and sunk. She had 107 crew and passengers aboard and only 5 were rescued. U-124 was sunk with all hands in October 1943 by ( appropriately ) H.M.S. “Black Swan” . His twin brother Alexander also fell – see above ).

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