Warrant Officer Allan Melrose

Warrant Officer Allan Andrew Watt Melrose, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve He was a Navigator/ Wireless Operator with 141 Squadron R.A.F. and was lost with his pilot F/L H. Hampshire on a “Serrate” Intruder patrol over Northern France on 28th June 1944, aged 23.  He was the son of George Watt Melrose and Hannah Matthew Melrose of Kelso. He is buried with his pilot Flight Lieutenant Hampshire in Waveelgem Communal Cemetery, Flanders, Belgium.  His Headstone is inscribed ” You Are Always In  My Thoughts, Mother “.The Squadron was part of 100 Group Bomber Command and flew from R.A.F. West Raynham using the superb De Havilland Mosquito on night intruder missions to attack the German nightfighters and their Bases. His aircraft  shot down by a night fighter and crashed at Izegem near Roseelare in West Flanders, Belgium. ( ” Serrate ” was an Allied radar detection and homing device used by night fighters to track down and destroy German night fighters and these began in September 1943. 14 victories were achieved for three losses ).

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