Major David Hunter

Major David Hunter, Mentioned in Dispatches. Special List.  He died on Active Service on 18th October 1919 in Russia ,aged 44. He had been born in Jedburgh and was the husband of Margaret Hunter of Foulden and Osborne Road, Tweedmouth and is commemorated on the Haider Pasha Memorial , Turkey. This Memorial commemorates men who died whilst fighting in the Allied Intervention in South Russia against the Bolsheviks  and whose graves are not known. He had been an apprentice baker in Jedburgh when he enlisted in the Kings Own Scottish Borderers in the 1890s. By 1901 he was a Staff Sergeant in the Army Gymnastic Staff at Sandhurst. He left the Army in 1914 but re enlisted on the outbreak of War. He was commissioned in 1916 and went to France in August 1917. At this time his family were living in Foulden and he had intended to take up farming there., However he volunteered to join the British Military Mission  in South Russia and went there in May 1919.  He was Camp Commandant of the Physical Training Corps there when he died from enteric fever at Taganrog.

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