Flying Officer Frank Larkman

Flying Officer Frank Ernest Larkman, Navigator, Royal Canadian Air Force. He was based at  R.A.F.Charterhall  and was killed in a flying accident on 3rd March 1945 aged 20  He was the son of Richard and Winifred Larkman of Toronto and is buried in Fogo Churchyard which is close to Charterhall. ( His name is not on the Fogo War Memorial ). He was a pupil in a Bristol Beaufighter NF V1 KV976 which was flying in cloud at 5000 ff when the gyros and horizon failed. The aircraft crashed into the sea 3 miles north of Berwick and both Larkman and his Instructor Flight Sergeant Wedgewood were killed. His Headstone is inscribed ” Greater Love Hath No Man Than This “.

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