Lieutenant Charles Buist

Lieutenant Charles Edward Ashton Buist, Royal Navy. He was killed in action in the Mediterranean Sea, aged 22, on the 21st February 1944. He had been born in Edinburgh and was the son of Alexander and Margaret Buist of Kirkbank, Eckford. He had been a Regular and in May 1939 was rated Midshipman. In April 1941 he was promoted Sub-Lieutenant and Lieutenant in September 1942. He was aboard M.A.S 546 when it hit a mine and sank. His boat was an Italian Motoscafo Armato Silurante torpedo armed motor boat. It was flying the Italian flag and was under the command of Tenente di Vascello Paolo Jappelli as part of the Italian Co-Belligerent Navy fighting along side the Allies after Italy had surrendered in September 1943. Three of the 13 strong crew were British, none of whom survived. All the other were Italian 3 of whom survived. He is buried in Biguglia War Cemetery, Haute-Corse, France where his Headstone is inscribed ” At The Going Down of the Sun And In The Morning We Will Remember Them”

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