Gunner George Somerville

Gunner George Somerville, Royal Navy. He died in Edinburgh, aged 21, from T.B. and meningitis on the 15th June 1918. He had been born in Carstairs in 1897 and was the son of William and Rachel Somerville .His father was a farmer at Elwartlaw and Castle Mill and George had been employed as a ploughman at Eccles Tofts, Eccles. He failed to be granted exemption from service in the Armed Forces and joined the Royal Navy and he served as a Gunner aboard the battlecruiser H.M.S. “Renown”. The “Renown” Was built by Fairfields, Govan and was launched in March 1916. She displaced 27,000 tons and was armed with 6 15 inch rifles. Upon completion she was the fastest capital ship in the world with a top speed of 32 knots. The ship missed the Battle of Jutland and saw no combat during the War but did sterling service during the second World War before being scrapped in 1948.

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