Private Edward Falconer

Private Edward Falconer, 2nd Battalion, Parachute Regiment, Army Air Corps.  He died in an Italian Prisoner of war camp in Tunisia on 30th November 1942, aged 21. He had been born in Maxton, Roxburghshire and was the son of John and Elizabeth Falconer of Rodgers Place, Earlston and is buried in Massicault War Cemetery, Tunisia. Before the war he had played scrum half for Earlston Rugby Club and was a fine left hand bowler for Carolside Cricket Club. He had originally joined the Kings Own Scottish Borderers but later volunteered for the paratroops. The paratroop mission was to attack an airfield behind enemy lines at Oudna where they would link up with the advancing 5th Army. This advance, however, was postponed and the paratroops were cut off behind enemy lines. A two day fighting withdrawal ensued but with heavy casualties of over 250 men.

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