Private William Gold

Private William Gold, 24th Battalion ( 1st Tyneside Irish ) , Northumberland Fusiliers. He was killed in France on 13th March 1917, aged 39 and is buried in Fauberg d’ Amiens Cemetery, Arras, France. He had been born in Comrie, Perthshire in 1877 and was the son of the late Andrew and Elizabeth Gold of Sawmill Cottage, Duns. He had been employed as a wood carter in East Lothian and Ireland and was the husband of Mary Gold of 21 South Street, Duns whom he had married in 1905. From 8th March until 14th March the Battalion were in front line trenches in the Arras sector of the line  and during this time had 6 men killed and 12 wounded by shellfire. Presumably Private Gold was one of these fatalities.

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