Private James Rafferty

Private James Rafferty, 8th ( Service ) Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers. He was killed in action at Gallipoli on 11th August 1915 aged 24. He had been born in Glasgow to Hugh and Annie Rafferty of Tower Road, Darnick and is commemorated on the Helles Memorial, Helles, Gallipoli, Turkey. He had enlisted in Newcastle whilst working there. In an attempt to break the deadlock on the Peninsula a landing had been made at Suvla Bay. After much time was wasted attacks followed on the Turkish positions and Private Rafferty fell fighting for the Turkish positions on Scimitar Hill. The picture is an artists impression of the fighting around Scimitar Hill where much of the scrub caught fire making a hellish end for many of the wounded who could not be retrieved. The photograph were taken during the landings at Suvla.

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