Seaman Thomas Meston

Seaman Thomas Meston, Royal Naval Reserve. He was lost at sea aboard the M.F.A ” Eleanor ” on 12th February 1918, aged 33. He was the husband od Annie Meston of 6 Chapel Street, Berwick and is commemorated on the Chatham Naval Memorial. The ” Eleanor ” had been hired by the Admiralty un 1914 as a mine carrier and on that day she was in transit from Immingham to Falmouth carrying 1,434 mines and 200 depth charges. Near Anvil Point, Dorset she was struck by a torpedo from UB.57 and sank immediately. Of her crew of 35 there was only 1 survivor, Second Officer Hunter who was picked up by a nearby Drifter. Ironically the UB-57 was lost with all hands on 14th August 1918 off the Begian coast after striking a mine.

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