Stoker 1st Class Richard White

Stoker 1st Class Richard Richardson White, Royal Navy. He was lost aboard H.M.S.Neptune on 19th December 1941, aged 29. The ship was part of Force K based in the Mediterranean Sea. On 18th December the force was sent to intercept an Italian convoy bound for Tripoli. Next day the ships ran into a minefield. Neptune struck two mines and was trying to reverse out when she struck another which took off her propellors leavinf her dead in the water. Two destroyers” Kandahar” and ” Lively” went to assist but the former struck a mine and” Neptune ” signalled  “Lively” to stay clear. Neptune then struck a fourth mine and capsized. 737 crew were killed and of the 30 who had survived the disaster only 1 was still alive to be picked up 5 days later by an Italian torpedo boat. The ” Neptune ” was a Leander Class light cruiser of 9,700 tons and was launched in 1933 at Portsmouth Dockyard.

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