Leading Seaman John Wood

Leading Seaman John Wood, Royal Naval Reserve. He was lost at sea aboard the S.S. “Pilar de Larrinaga ” on 4th May 1917, aged 23. He was the husband of Mary Wood of 33 Walkergate, Berwick and is commemorated on the Chatham Naval Memorial.  The ship was a cargo ship of 4136 tons built by Russell & Co., Port Glasgow in 1902. On 4th May she was in transit from Galveston, Texas to Manchester with a general cargo when she was topedoed and sunk by UC-65 off the Tuskar Rock off Ireland. 20 men including the Captain were lost. UC-65 was herself sunk in the English Channel by the British submarine H.M.S. C15 on 3rd November 1917.

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