Lieutenant Edmund John McRory Robertson

Lieutenant Edmund John McRory ( Mac ) Robertson, M.I.D., 70th Battery, 34th Brigade Royal Field Artillery. He was killed in action on 22nd May, 1915. aged 23 and is buried in Beuvry Communal Cemetery, France. His Headstone is inscribed ” In Love And Pride Of Mac, Life Not Death “.A regular soldier, commissioned in 1910, he was wounded  during the Battle of Mons in August 1914 and mentioned in Sir John French’s first despatches. He was killed whilst repairing the telephone wires outside an observation post near Festubert. He was the elder son of Dr. J. R. S. Robertson and Mrs Bessie Robertson of the Lighthouse, Winterton, Great Yarmouth. Dr. Robertson was a freeman of Berwick upon Tweed and formerly in the Army Medical Service accompanying the Camel Corps in the Egyptian Campaign of 1884-1885 as a surgeon. The Field Artillery used the 18 pounder gun in an anti infantry role using both high explosive and shrapnel shells one of which is shown below.

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