Gunner Alexander Taylor

Gunner Alexander Taylor, 241st Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery. He was killed in France on 1st April 1917, aged 32 and is buried in Fauberg D’ Amiens, Cemetery, Arras. He was the husband od Mary Taylor of 6 Bruce Gate, Berwick. He was the second son of the late Mr. William Taylor, Blacksmith and Cartwright. Gunner Taylor was in charge of the cartwright section of his Battery and was preparing for the opening bombardment for the Battle of Arras when he was killed by a shell splinter. The R.G.A used howitzers whose plunging fire could destroy strongpoints and trench systems. The photographs show a 7.2 inch example of howitzer. They also used the 60 pounder gun and the photo shows one with its added camouflage.

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