Bombardier Alexander Cairens

Bombardier Alexander Wilson Cairens, 72nd Regiment, Siege Battery, South African Heavy Artillery. He died in France on 8th June 1916 , aged 29, of wounds received in action. and is buried in Etaples Military Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France. His Headstone is inscribed ” To Memory Ever Dear”. He was the youngest son of Robert Cairens of Berwick and the husband of Edith Cairens of Cape Town, South Africa. When War broke out he was in South Africa and joined the Gunners in Cape Town. After the conclusion of operations in German South West Africa he volunteered for Service in Europe and arrived in England for training in September 1915. He went to France with his Unit in April 1916. The 72nd Regiment would have used the 9.2 inch Howitzer with its plunging fire to destroy strongpoints and trench systems.

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