Swinton Section G – 61 – Herriot


Also of STUART HERRIOT of Penang and Province Wellesley 2nd son of the said ROBERT and BARBARA HERRIOT born at Swintonhill 1818 died in Penang 5th May1877. HAlso his wife CATHERINE ANTHONY born at Pnang 28th January 1834 died 3rd October 1859. Also his only son STUART ROBERT ANTHONY born 9th August 1859 died 1885. All buried in Penang.ROBERT youngest son of ROBERT and BARBARA HERRIOT born at Whitsomehill 10th August1828 died in Calcutta 1865. Buried there. 3rd Daughter BARBARA STUART born at Whitsomehill 1821 died in Edinburgh 21st July  1865. Buried there.

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