Swinton Section G – 60 – Stuart/Herriot/Lowe


Also of BARBARA STUART wife of the above ROBERT HERRIOT born at Raecleugh 1795 died at Lambden 1851. Eldest son JOHN HERRIOT of Assam born at Swinton Hill 1812 died at East Gordon 25th February 1875. Also 3rd son JOHN HERRIOT of Calcutta born at Whitsome Hill 1819 died at Cheadle Cheshire 29th July 1866. MARGARET ANN LOWE wife of the above JOHN HERRIOT born at Godsall Staffordshire 29th Februay 1818 died at Chirnside 24th August 1908. MARY ANN MARGARET youngest daughter of the above ROBERT and BARBARA HERRIOT born at Whitsomehill died at Edinburgh 8th August 1908. All interred here. 

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