Swinton Section G – 33 – Cockburn/Aitchison/Lindores


WILLIAM COCKBURN died 28th August 1775 aged 70 years.

His wife ALISON LINDORES died 24th July 1869 aged 86 years.

Son WILLIAM died at Duns 3rd February 1895 aged 76 years.

Daughter MARGARET wife of WILLIAM AITCHISON died at Langton Lees 5th December 1886 aged 77 years.

WILLIAM AITCHISON died at Polwarth-wood-Heads 20th August 1891 86 years.

Daughter ALICE died in infancy.

Daughter AGNES AITCHISON died at Whiteside 21st May 1822 aged 78 years.

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