Swinton Section C – 15 – Scott/Ord/Luke


In memory of ADAM son of WILLIAM SCOTT baker and brewer in Swinton who died in 1800 aged 6 months.

Daughter JANE died in infancy. Son WILLIAM died 31st August 1837 aged 25 years.

Son GEORGE died 17th June 1839 aged 19 years.

Son JOHN died 12th March 1840 aged 22 years.

WILLIAM SCOTT died 23rd July 1846 aged 75 years.

Wife JANE ORD died 4th June 1867 aged 88 years.

Daughter ISABELLA SCOTT died 20th October 1872 aged 56 years.

Her son JOHN LUKE died 13th March 1873 aged 29 years. 

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