Swinton Section A – 45 – Patterson/Gray/Paterson/Gothel


Erected by WILLIAM PATTERSON in memory of daughter HANNAH who died 8th February 1845 aged 2 years. Son JAMES died 8th November 1866 aged 25 years. Also the above WILLIAM PATTERSON died 12th March 1867 aged 63 years. His wife ELIZABETH GRAY 26th June 1874 aged 70 years.

on rear

AILESON daughter of THOMAS PATERSON in Swinton died 5th November 1809 aged 3 years. Above THOMAS PATERSON 22nd May 1811 aged 43 years. Wife MARGARET GOTHEL 3rd February 1848 aged 81 years.

(the differences in the spelling of Patterson are on the headstone) 

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