Swinton Section A – 84 – SwanstonAitken/Waldie


Erected by JAMES SWANSTON tenant in Dunse Mill in memory of brother ROBERT who died 23rd September 1855 aged 28 years. GEORGE died 7th September 1833 aged 16 years.

Mother ISABELLA AITKEN died 21st April 1869 aged 80 years. Father JAMES SWANSTON died 18th February 1873 aged 84 years. Son ANDREW 23rd February 1873 aged 1 10/12 years.

The above JAMES SWANSTON died at Dunce Mill 30th May 1888 aged 67 years. WILLIAM LAURIE son of the above JAMES SWANSTON died 4th January 1891 aged 10 years.

His wife AGNES WALDIE died 11th November 1922 aged 85 years.   

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