Swinton Section A – 3 – Johnston/Scott/Ford


Erected by JAMES JOHNSTON in memory of son JOHN who died 5th October 1848 aged 19 years.

Also his daughter ELIZABETH who died  March 1867 aged 45 years.

daughter HELEN wife of THOMAS SCOTT who died 2nd September 1870 aged 35 years.

Also wife ELIZABETH FORD who died 11th March 1875 aged 76 years.

the above JAMES JOHNSTON who died 5th October 1885 aged 85 years.

Also son THOMAS died 24th November 1903 aged 63 years.

Also daughter MARY who died 8th April 1904 aged 72 years.

Also the above THOMAS SCOTT who died at Greatridge Hall 16th June 1907 aged 76 years.

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