Swinton Section A – 39 – Buchanen/Jeffrey/Banks/Heatlie


In memory of WILLIAM BUCHANEN late schoolmaster in Swinton for 44 years who died 25th June 1814 aged 70 years.

Also wife ISABEL JEFFREY who died 12th March 1836 aged 77 years.

Also daughter JANE who died 1st January 1861 aged 68 years.

Also daughter ISABELLA who died 15th July 1778 aged 82 years.

Also daughter MARGARET (wife of ARCHIBALD BANKS) who died 23rd February 1783. Son GEORGE died 2nd January 1786 aged 85 years.


On rear

MARGARET HEATLIE spouse of WILLIAM BUCHANEN schoolmaster of Swinton who died 9th January 1779 aged 34 years. Also son WILLIAM BUCHANEN who died 20th August 1775 aged 6 months. Also son JOHN died 18th November 1791 aged 14 months.  

(assumed that Buchanen is today's Buchanan)

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