Swinton Section A – 25- Kerr/Ingles/Kelso/Dingwall


Sacred to the memory of EBENEZER KERR who died at Little Swinton on 14th September 1856 aged 44 years. Also wife MARY INGLES who died on 4th February 1879 aged 72 years. Father JAMES KERR who died at Swinton 20th March 1857 aged 77 years. Also his wife ISABELLA KELSO who died at Little Swinton on 25th November 1858 aged 79 years. Also their grandchild JAMES KERR who died 3rd November 1838 aged 4 years. Also CHRISTINA DINGWALL wife of JAMES KERR (son of the above EBENEZER KERR) who died at Easter Wooden on 17th September 1898 aged 55 years.

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