Swinton Section A – 18 – Spence/Kerr/Simpson/Ker/Wood


Erected by THOMAS SPENCE in memory of children. MARY who died 21st February 1845 aged 14 months. JANE 3rd July 1852 aged 2 years. ALEXANDER 6th july 1852 aged 4 years. ROBERT 15th July 1852 aged 7 years. Also wife HELEN KERR 28th December 1877 aged 59 years. Also the above THOMAS SPENCE who died at Swinton 7th June 1898 aged 79 years. Also youngest daughter JANE wife of ALEXANDER SIMPSON 4th May 1924 aged 66 years. Also the above ALEXANDER SIMPSON died at Swinton 22nd September 1926 aged 70 years.

on rear

JOHN KER son of ALEXANDER KER feuar in Swinton who died 14th July 1780 aged 9 months. AGNESS GRAY 10th June 1790 76 years. MARGARET KER 10th April 1812 aged 59 years. Also spouse of the above ALEXANDER KER who died 9th April 1823 aged 70 years. Also his wife MARY WOOD who died 24th April 1870 aged 87 years.




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