Swinton Section A – 131 – Forman/Bookless/Young/Foreman


JAMES FORMAN feuar in Swinton died 4th July 1865 aged 72 years.

Wife CHRISTINA BOOKLESS died 18th December 1870 aged 72 years

. ROBERT FORMAN died in London 28th December 1876.

JOHN FOREMAN died in Glasgow (no date). CHRISTINA FOREMAN died in Edinburgh 7th March 1909.

On rear

WILLIAM FOREMAN died 11th January 1809 aged 6 years. ISABELLA FOREMAN died 16th September 1812 aged 24 years. MARGARET YOUNG spouse of ROBERT FOREMAN died 14th April 1813 aged 52 years. ROBERT FOREMAN died 15th December 1840 aged 86 years.  

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