Norham Churchyard Section F Row 16 – 2 – Allan/Denholm/Forrest


In memory of William Allan born 9th May 1830 died 9th December 1876.

Also his mother Alice Forrest who died 9th August 1881 aged 79 years.

Agnes Forrest died 25th August 1882 aged 80 years.

Agnes Allan his daughter died 9th April 1888 aged 18 years.
William Allan his father died 21st December 1893 aged 89 years.

Janet Allan daughter of William Allan, Sen.died 1st July 1918 aged 82 years.

Alice Allan daughter of William Allan Sen. died 21st January 1931 aged 92 years.

Flora Denholm wife of William Allan Jnr. died 20th September 1919 aged 82 years.

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