Norham Churchyard Section E Row 21 – 5 – Orkney/Weatherson/Cairns/Denham


Sacred to the memory of Margaret wife of Andrew Weatherston, Norham who died 2nd December 1843 aged 59 years

Also Isabella their daughter died 11th January 1826 aged 17 years.

Also Andrew Weatherston died November 8th 1853 aged 71 years

Also William their son died December 16th 1869 aged 60 years.

Also the daughters of his son Robert, Isabella Orkney wife of John D. Oliver died September 4th 1905 aged 62 years, Elizabeth wife of Robert Denham died June 14th 1910 aged 74 years,

Alice wife of John Inglis Cairns youngest and last surviving child died April 1st 1924 aged 73 years.

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