Norham Churchyard Section E Row 10 – 5 – Young/Railson


Erected by George and Margaret Young in memory of Eleanor their daughter died 28th September 1846 aged l year

Also the above Margaret Young nee Gordon born 20th May 1814 died 24th August 1898,

Also the above George Young born 29th December 1813 died 9th August 1900.

Also Eleanor Railson their daughter born 11th August 1850 died 27th October 1893 interred in St.Nicholas Cemetery, Newcastle-on-Tyne.

Also James their son born 17th January 1848 died 30th November 1928 interred in Harton Cemetery, South Shields.

'Peace perfect peace'.

Re-erected by their son Jas. Young in beautiful memory for their constant pleadings and prayers for the well being of their family and mankind

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