Norham Churchyard Section C Row 5 – 5 – Wale


Erected by Thomas WALE in memory of his father Robert WALE who died at Norham 8th July 1822 aged 40 years.

Also his son who died in infancy.

"Adieu my friends why leave that sigh what fills your mind with grief, my troubles o'er at rest I lie in Christ you'll find relief"

Also Robert son of the above Thomas WALE  died 13th February 1838 aged 11 months

Also Robert his son died 8th October 1842 aged 18 months 

Also Hannah wife of the above Robert WALE who died 2nd September 1868 aged 84 years.

Also Sarah WALE who died March 7th 1895 aged 84 years.

Also Elisabeth WALE died 3rd July 1897 aged 83 years.

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