Norham Churchyard Section C Row 43 – 3 – Davidson/Weddell


Erected by WILLIAM and MARY DAVIDSON in memory of JAMES their son who died October 1847 aged 4 months.

Also AGNES their daughter died March 1st 1855 aged 23 months.

Also ISABELLA their daughter died January 14th 1863 aged 14 years.

Also GEORGE KIDD DAVIDSON their son died November 18th 1865 aged 20 years.

Also JAMES their son died May 10th 1880 aged 24 years.
Also LEONARD their son died July 15th 1883 aged 25 years. Also
the above WILLIAM DAVIDSON who died January 1st 1892 aged 76 years.

Also JANE their daughter and wife of THOMAS WEDDELL who died at Milfield Hill June 11th 1900 aged 49 years, interred at Ford.
Also the above MARY DAVIDSON who died July 16th 1906 aged 83 years.

'Asleep in Jesus•.

Also MARY their daughter who died at Green Lane Gates, Cornhill October 27th 1909 aged 66 years.

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