Norham Churchyard Section C Row 17 – 3 – Pike,


Erected by Andrew Pike in memory of Thomas Pike his father who died at Twisel July 18th 1831 aged 61 years.

Also Margaret his wife who died March 20th 1847 aged 81 years.

In memory of Christina daughter of Alex. and Christina Pike, Twisel, who died September 23rd 1849 aged 10 years

Also Thomas Pike who died February 22nd 1859 aged 20 years. Christian Pike died at Tiptoe 10th November 1870 aged 61 years.

Alex. Pike died at Horncliffe 11th July 1875 aged 77 years. William Pike died at Twizel 3rd February 1868 aged 28 years.

Alex.Pike died at Loanend 12th August 1872 aged 20 years.

Margaret Pike died at Horncliffe 30th June 1882 aged 39 years.

Erected in loving memory of Thomas Pike who died at North Shields 13th June 1904 aged 34 years and is interred here,

Also Jane Pike, mother of the above, who died 27th April 1909 aged 73 years.

'Thy Will be done'

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