Norham Churchyard Section A Row 5 – 1 – Park/Watson/Brown


In memory of John PARK of Horncliffe who died 7th August 1823 aged 67 years.          

Also Jane his wife who died 21st June 1837 aged 86 years. 

Also William son of John PARK of Loanend who died in infancy. 

Also Elizabeth their daughter who died October 12th 1872 aged 78 years.          

Also George PARK who died at Velvet Hall February 6th 1892 aged 73 years.         

Also Grace WATSON his wife who died at West Ord December 31st 1895 aged 76 years.      

Also Mary BROWN third daughter of the above who died at Wark on Tweed November 4th 1913 aged 55 years.    

Also Robert PARK who died at Horncliffe 30th June 1931 aged 69 years

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