Norham Churchyard Section A Row 2 – 7 – Holmes/Nicholson/Midler


In loving memory of RALPH who departed this life 1st March 1836 aged 8 years.
ELIZABETH on the 11th aged 11 years.
And FRANCES ELLAN  on the 19th aged 5 years.
The beloved children of WILLIAM and FRANCES  NICHOLSON of Thornton,
Also ISABELLA who died 19th December 1838 aged 3 weeks.
Also WILLIAM NICHOLSON their son who died April 9th 1852 aged 17 years
Also FRANCES HOLMES wife of WILLIAM NICHOLSON who died at Hazelrigg February 27th 1867 aged 69 years. 
And of WILLIAM NICHOLSON her husband who died at the Glebe, lackaob in the County Kildare on 24th June 1882 aged 83 years his having been interred here on the 28th the same month.
BEN their son born April 8th 1831 died January 20th 1833 interred in Cathedral grounds Kildare.

On the reverse of the headstone.
HARRIET died Glebe House Kildare MARY MIDLER died Glebe House Kildare RLIZABETH FRAN  died Portalington October 22nd.

JANE died at Port who died June 14th FRANCES died Portalington December 29th all buried in Cathedral ground.

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