Norham Churchyard Section A Row 10 – 9 – Marshall


Sacred to the memory of Anderson MARSHALL of Norham who died March 28th 1847 aged 78 years.

Isabella his wife died 28th August 1833 aged 57 years.

Agnes their daughter died July 9th 1822 aged 19 months.

Also Jane their daughter who died April 25th 1893 aged 79 years.

Also Elizabeth who died August 26th 1896 aged 84 years.

Also Anderson MARSHALL died May 22nd 1875 aged 25 years. Also William Marshall their son died June 1st 1870 aged 59 years interred at Earsdon.

Also George their son who died 30th October 1896 aged 80 years interred at Heathcote Cemetery, Victoria, Australia.

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