West – Row 9 – 3 – Smith/Johnson/Swan/Robb


In loving memory of the children of JOHN SMITH merchant Coldstream THOMAS JOHNSON who died 15th September 1888 aged 5 months. ANDREW  ROBB who died at Edinburgh 8th June 1894 aged 11 years.  JOHN SWAN who died at old Calabar West Coast of Africa 7th October 1902 aged 27 years interred there in Duke Town cemetery. The above JOHN SMITH died 29th October 1908 aged 60 years. MARY SWAN wife of the above JOHN SMITH who died at Edinburgh 5th May 1922 aged 75 years. 


John Smith was born at Coldstream, he was a Commercial Traveller and lived in St. Andrews. Wife Mary was born in England. Old Calabar was a centre for the Slave Trade in Africa.

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